Since its formation in 1975, the Native Plant Rescue program of cranbrook房子 & Gardens 辅 has been committed to saving, growing, and educating on the importance of native plants.

Native Plant Rescue volunteers trek through ankle-deep mud, secluded woods, and pouring rain, often during frigid temperatures, to rescue plants from being wiped out at construction or other endangered sites. The rescued plants are then sold at the 年度春季植物销售 in May, planted in the Native Plant/Wildflower Garden or other gardens at cranbrook房子 & Gardens, or donated to school gardens, community gardens, or nature centers. 


  • 拯救原生植物免受破坏
  • 美化cranbrook让所有人享受
  • 提供工厂在工厂销售
  • 教育公众关于本土植物的价值
  • 以社区花园和自然中心的个人的顾问身份行事,并在可能的情况下捐赠植物以帮助他们




由于本土植物适应密歇根州的气候和土壤,它们需要较少的维护 - 水,肥料,杀虫剂 - 才能茁壮成长。



In 1974, Maja Schjolin, a Birmingham resident and active gardener, expressed interest in adding a wildflower area to cranbrook花园. Maja combed Oakland County for signs of development; before the bulldozers arrived, she would rescue the plants, moving them to her own private three-acre garden. With the help of her husband, Hans, and her neighbor and fellow 大发平台app member, Jean Holland, Maja established the cranbrook房子 & Gardens Native Plant/Wildflower Garden – most of the plants used in its formation were transplanted from Maja’s personal garden. The Native Plant/Wildflower Garden is still enjoyed today by visitors to 大发平台app, thanks to the initial efforts of Maja and her team.

That first year, Maja contributed a small number of wildflowers to complement the regular 温室 plant sale (which began in 1972). With the help of Jean Holland and a small number of volunteers, plants were dug, potted, and priced. The plants were a huge success and sold out immediately. Patty Shea, another neighbor of Maja’s who had assisted with the sale, soon realized that a more organized plan was needed to keep up with the increasing level of development in the area, as well as the increased demand. In 1975, the cranbrook房子 & Gardens 辅 Native Plant/Wildflower Rescue Committee was formed and guidelines established (Patty Shea was the first chair and served for 25 years before moving to Leland, Michigan – where she also started a wildflower rescue program). 



One of the oldest and most successful programs of its kind, the cranbrook房子 & Gardens 辅 Native Plant team is a pioneer in wildflower rescue within the state and nation.


cranbrook房子 & Gardens 辅 volunteers created 如何组建本土植物救援计划, 对于有兴趣组建本地植物救援计划的其他人而言,这是一个有用的免辅助志愿者还帮助其他机构,如底特律动物园和密歇根大学 - 迪尔伯恩,扩大自己的原生植物收藏。 


Plants leftover after the Auxiliary’s 年度春季植物销售 are either planted in the gardens at cranbrook房子 & Gardens, given to the 大发平台app Schools – Brookside Lower School campus, 大发平台app Institute of Science Erb Family Garden, or donated to various community gardens. Dinosaur Hill, Belle Isle Conservatory, and many more have all been recipients of the 辅’s native plant donations. 

我们需要你的帮助 - 这是怎么回事


Our dig sites are becoming fewer in number and further away. Look for mature woods and known wildflower sites with for sale signs. Try to obtain the phone number and name of the owner or developer and any additional information. If you own property with native plants or locate a potential dig site, please reach out to the cranbrook房子 & Gardens 辅 at 248.645.3149 or houseandgardens@cranbrook.edu.  


志愿者s meet at 大发平台app House & Gardens where they receive directions to the day’s dig site. The volunteers then carpool (yet another sustainable act!) to the site and receive instruction from the Day Chair. The actual digging window lasts about an hour. Afterwards, all plants are loaded and returned to cranbrook房子 & Gardens where they are potted and watered.










Since the Booth family made no provisions for the maintenance of cranbrook房子 & Gardens, the 年度春季植物销售 became a major source of funding, and is still one of the largest revenue streams supporting the preservation of the estate. In 1975, the sale of rescued plants earned $575. From these modest beginnings, the sale of wildflowers has become the big-ticket item at the Plant Sale, contributing an average of over $20,000 annually.

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原生植物/野花救助委员会经常被当地媒体报道,并在几篇国家杂志文章中写过,如 乡村花园®*。电视节目的一集, 丽贝卡的花园2000年春天拍摄了一幅野花救援物资。该节目后来在网络电视台播出。 

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